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Supercharge your campaigns with better creative assets, at a higher cadence than ever before.
Scale your results with powerful automation solutions.

Creative Services

Receive high-quality creative assets
made by our team of world-class designers.

Creative Templates

Produce fresh creative iterations on the fly with our intuitive template editing platform.

Creative Automation

Scale your creative assets beyond human limitations through powerful automation.

Trusted by the world's best marketing teams.

Vino Jeyapalan
CEO, Kabo

“During my time at Facebook I worked with e-commerce brands and helped scale their ad spend from less than $1M to $30M+ in a year. Shakr gave us the ability to create dozens of creative assets within the span of 3-4 days to find our best performing ads.”

What does the Shakr Creative Hub have to offer?

Creative Production

Improve campaign results with performance creatives.

Custom Creative Production

Receive creative assets when you need them, either at a scheduled cadence or on request.

Quick Delivery

No more waiting several weeks for your creatives. We deliver your assets in 3-5 business days.

Cost-efficient Pricing

Choose between a predictable monthly subscription fee, or pay á la carte.

Creative Templates

Scale creative production volume with templates.

Shakr Video Editor

Increase your creative output using our intuitive online video editor.

Shakr Template Library

Choose from a vast library of creative template optimized for performance.

Custom Templates

Upload your own custom on-brand templates, or let us design them for you.

Creative Automation

Maximize ROAS with powerful automation solutions.

Enriched Product Catalogs

Turn your product catalogs into ROAS machines at any scale.

Hyper-localization & Personalization

Serve the right creative to the right person, at the right time with powerful personalization solutions.

Data-driven Creatives

Automatically create and deploy creatives based on external API integrations.

Explore Shakr's full suite of creative solutions.

creative production


Choose from thousands of mobile-optimized video templates and start making video ads that convert.

Creative On-Demand

Experience consistent flow of brand-adhering, high-quality creative assets at a predictable monthly cost.

catalog enrichment

Image DPA

Don’t get lost in a sea of sameness. Enrich your product catalog with thumb-stopping ad creatives.

Video DPA

Don’t make Dynamic Ads, Make Dynamic TikToks. Automatically create engaging video ads for all products in your catalog.

creative optimization

Dynamic Geo Ads

Dynamically show hyper-localized creatives in dozens of locations without sacrificing campaign efficiency.

Dynamic Data Ads

Automatically create and serve video ads informed by real-time weather conditions.

creative api & sdk

Creative API & SDK

Provide white-labeled solutions for your customers or Integrate end-to-end video creation and automation at scale.

What do our customers say?

“Shakr’s automated production enables our clients to be more relevant to more people with video content personalized at scale.”

Mark Barwald

Senior Copywriter