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Dynamic Drive Red (Multi-Model)

A multi-model car ad that's even better than the ones on TV. Smooth transitions and large calls to action are sure to have cars speeding out of your showroom. This ad features up to 5 different models.
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A TV quality video ad for cars and trucks

This ad can feature up to five different models. You can also repeat the same model multiple times, using different photos and information.

Length 0:38

What You'll Need

  • Photos of the cars or dealership 3

  • Photos of car model 1 1

  • Photos of car model 2 1

  • Photos of car model 3 1

  • Photos of car model 4 1

  • Photos of car model 5 1

  • Image of the brand insignia 1

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How can I make my own car video ad? Click "Make My Video" and you can drag-and-drop your way to an effective video ad in about 5 minutes. Start by typing a little text. Then you can import your photos from Facebook or upload some from your computer. Your video ad will be ready in minutes. The video is free. You only pay if you upgrade to HD.

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