Shakr for Marketing Teams

Boost performance with amazing creative.

56% of a brand's sales lift from digital advertising can be attributed to high-quality creative. Set yourself up for success through both creative quality and agility.

Why Shakr

Make creative iterations on the fly.

A/B test and refresh your ad creative without having to wait for your creative team.

Personalize your creative at scale.

Consumers demand to be spoken to as individuals. Automatically create ad variations for all of your target audiences through Shakr.

Activate your campaigns with ease.

Seamlessly export your videos, and activate your ad campaigns on social media.

What do our customers say?

Recommended Solution

Shakr Scale

Bespoke creative, personalized at scale.

  • Bespoke mobile first video production
  • Data driven video automation at scale
  • Direct export to Facebook ad account
  • Personalization at scale campaign activation
  • Access to Shakr creative market
  • Easy drag and drop video editor

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