Creative Automation

Automate creative production, supercharge campaign ROI.

Take your marketing to the next level with engaging and brand-safe videos, personalized to your target audience.

On-Brand Master Templates

Turn your best creatives into programmable creative templates.

Your unique creative is your best weapon. Multiply your powers by easily converting your designs into templates through Shakr. Does your team not have a dedicated creative team or resources to design your own creatives? Fear not—we offer bespoke creative services for brands in need.

In-house Creative

Upload your own in-house creative projects made with Adobe After Effects.

Bespoke Creative

Order handcrafted, on-brand videos by the Shakr Creative Lab.

Data-Driven Creative Automation

Automatically scale creative production through data.

Once you have your creative strategy down, it's time to make the actual videos. Simply plug in the data sources you will be making your videos with. Within just a few clicks, we generate thousands of videos at a lightning pace. It's that easy.


Maximize use of your data sources.

Serve personalized video ads from your entire product catalog. Make unique creatives for different age groups. Serve locally relevant ads in different cities...and the list goes on. Bring in whatever data source, we can make it work for you.

Live Sports
Time & Date
Air & Weather
Product Catalog

Cross-channel Creative Distribution

Distribute creative across paid and owned media channels.

Shakr seamlessly integrates to leading media platforms through cutting-edge ad tech solutions. Pique your target audiences' interest with more relevant communication tailored to the individual.

Dynamic Geo Ads

Achieve local relevance by serving unique video ads for all of your target locations.

Dynamic Product Ads

Supercharge your catalog sales campaigns with our quality-first approach to dynamic product ads.

Dynamic Weather Ads

Automatically create and serve relevant ads based on dynamic weather data.

Dynamic Time & Day Ads

Create and schedule different ad creatives for specific hours of the day, or days of the week.

Need even more power?

Check out Shakr's API & SDK solutions.

Develop custom video creation solutions for owned and paid media with the power of Shakr rendering technology.

Case Study:

Increase local Amex spend by encouraging card holders to choose their Amex card when shopping locally.

With Shakr's Dynamic Geo Ads, Amex served hyper-local ads to individual postal codes across the country. Each ad encouraged card holders to visit a specific Amex partner merchant located within the target postal code.


Partner merchants received Amex payments


Increase in card member spend during campaign


Increase in card member spend post-campaign

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