Creative On-Demand

Fulfill your creative needs, at a predictable monthly cost.

Receive a consistent supply of brand-adhering, high-quality creative assets
made by our team of world-class designers.

Tap into Shakr’s creative expertise.

As a Meta Business Partner and TikTok Marketing Partner, we have created and tested ads for some of the world’s most successful brands. With Shakr, you have a creative partner who knows how to succeed through creative excellence.

Tailor your ad creative for each platform.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube. No matter where you advertise, we will help you optimize your creative for that specific environment.

Move fast, without compromise on quality.

Being able to move fast and roll out new creative continuously is crucial for campaign success. Whether you need a completely new creative concept, or an iteration of an existing piece of creative, we have your back. We make sure that your campaigns have the creative fuel they need, without compromising on quality and brand guidelines.

Gain insights through creative iteration.

Knowing WHY a winning piece of creative is working well requires data analysis, and an understanding of the market, which often leaves you in the dark wondering why a piece of creative actually worked or didn’t work. We help you uncover creative insights and learnings, which you can lean on to take your brand to the next level.

ROAS + 302%
$5,000 monthly
No annual commitment

Creative On-Demand

Creative when you need it. Every time.
Unlimited Creative Projects (MFV, GIFs, static ads)*
Unlimited Revisions
3-5 Days Turnaround Time per Creative
*Mobile First Videos (MFV) are 6-15s video designed for mobile screens. Unlimited creative projects is subject to our fair use policy.

How it works

Workflow Type 1:

Active Demand

You send us detailed creative briefs for an upcoming campaign.
Shakr delivers your creatives in 3-5 days.

Workflow Type 2:

Scheduled Demand

You and Shakr agree upon the number of creative assets to be delivered every week.
Shakr will regularly send fresh creative at a pre-determined cadence. (For example, 3 new creatives per week)

Get started with Creative On-Demand.

Fulfill your creative needs, at a predictable monthly cost.