Dynamic Data Ads

Let the data decide your ad creative.

Automatically create and serve video ads informed by real-time weather conditions. All without compromise on creative quality or brand guidelines.


Dynamic Data Ads

Serve contextually relevant ads to everyone.

Dynamic Data Ads enable you to serve relevant ads which stand out and grab people's attention. Any live data source can inform which creative is to be served at any given time, ensuring your ads are always as relevant as your data source.

Data Feed

Create videos informed by live data.

Connect to any external data source in order to pull up-to-date information, and optimize your creative for maximum relevance.


On-Brand Master Templates

Turn your best creatives into programmable templates.

Your unique creative is your best weapon. Multiply your powers by easily converting your designs into templates through Shakr. Does your team not have a dedicated creative team or resources to design your own creatives? Fear not—we offer bespoke creative services for brands in need.

In-house Creative

Upload your own in-house creative projects made with Adobe After Effects.

Bespoke Creative

Order handcrafted, on-brand videos by the Shakr Creative Lab.

Campaign Process

1 —


Let us know your campaign objective. We will craft an action plan to get you there.

2 —


Prepare conditional logic based on your data source, and prepare creative templates.

3 —


Our team offers full service campaign setup support for weather campaigns.

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Get started with Dynamic Data Ads.

Automatically create and serve video ads informed by real-time data sources.