Dynamic Geo Ads

Connect with people through locally relevant ads.

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations. All without compromise on creative quality or brand guidelines.


Dynamic Geo Ads

Hyperlocal campaigns, made easy.

Dynamic Geo Ads are built on top of Facebook's segment asset customization rules. This means that you can serve a locally relevant ad creative within a single ad unit, without having to split up your ad sets by each individual target location.

Location Feed

Create videos for all your target locations.

Every location is unique, so should your ads be.Connect your location feed and pull local information, and create unique videos for all of your target locations.


On-Brand Master Templates

Turn your best creatives into programmable templates.

Your unique creative is your best weapon. Multiply your powers by easily converting your designs into templates through Shakr. Does your team not have a dedicated creative team or resources to design your own creatives? Fear not—we offer bespoke creative services for brands in need.

In-house Creative

Upload your own in-house creative projects made with Adobe After Effects.

Bespoke Creative

Order handcrafted, on-brand videos by the Shakr Creative Lab.

Campaign Process

1 —


Let us know your campaign objective. We will craft an action plan to get you there.

2 —


Prepare a list of target locations, and a creative template.

3 —


Easily launch dynamic geo campaigns through the Shakr local campaign wizard.

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Get started with Dynamic Geo Ads.

Serve unique video ads in all your target locations.