Key Features

Shakr Custom Creative

Elevate your marketing with custom video templates.

Order handcrafted, on-brand videos by the Shakr Creative Lab, or upload your own in-house creative projects made with Adobe After Effects.

Shakr Batch Video Editor

Automate the production of unlimited video variations.

Serve the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Connect your data and create dozens, hundreds, or thousand of videos tailored to the individual.

Shakr Publishing Suite

Activate your personalization at scale campaign directly in Shakr.

Export your videos directly to your Facebook ad account. Our in-house experts will help you with personalization at scale, from ideation to execution.

What do our customers say?

Mark Barwald

Senior Copywriter


“Brands used to send one message to an audience of millions. Now we can send millions of messages to audiences of one. Shakr’s automated production enables our clients to be more relevant to more people with video content personalized at scale.”

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