Catalog Enrichment for TikTok Video DPA

Transform your catalog into a ROAS machine.

Don’t make Dynamic Ads, Make Dynamic TikToks. Automatically create engaging video ads for all the products in your catalog.


Tap into Shakr’s creative expertise.

As a badged TikTok Marketing Partner, we have created more than 150 million creative assets for some of the world’s most successful brands. With Shakr, you have a creative partner who understands what creative success looks like, at scale.

Plug in your existing product feed, create videos for each SKU.

Connect your product feed directly into the Shakr platform, which will automatically create video assets for all of your individual SKUs. Leverage your product data to create custom assets for different brands, features, categories or items items on sale.


Sync directly with TikTok Product Catalog.

Simply add your enriched feed to your TikTok product catalog. Any updates to your original feed are automatically applied, so that you always advertise your products with the most up to date information.

Refresh your catalog creative on an ongoing basis.

Successful catalog enrichment is not a one and done process. With Shakr as your creative partner, you always have high performing creative assets in your product catalog. We have you covered whether you need custom templates for special occasions like Black Friday or Summer Sale, or simply need new assets to fight ad fatigue.

Campaign Process

1 —


Let us know your campaign objective. We will craft an action plan to get you there.

2 —


Prepare your product feed, and a creative template.

3 —


Launch Video Shopping Ads through the product sales objective in your TikTok ads manager.

Get started with Video DPA.

Transform your catalog into a ROAS machine with high-quality video assets.