"Plain English" Terms Of Service

Users of Shakr can customize professionally produced video designs by adding their content in the form of words, photos and video clips to make their own versions/videos. This is a “Plain English” TOS, and is not legally binding. It is necessary for you to read and agree to the Shakr Terms of Use in order to use our service. If you want to read the full legal Terms Of Service, please go here.

"Plain English" Terms Of Service

Terms of Use for websites are a little different from paper contracts, although they are just as legally binding. Rather than signing with pen-and-paper, you instead agree to these Terms of Use simply by using our website beyond the homepage.

If you do not agree to our Terms of Use, you must not use the Shakr.com website or any of our services.

1 – Let’s Be Good

You agree to be good and do good when using the Shakr.com service. This means you will not use Shakr.com to produce content that is hurtful or mean-spirited. It certainly means that you will not use Shakr.com to produce content that is illegal. Let’s be good.

2 – Intellectual Property

Other than text, photos and video clips inputted by you, which you represent to have full rights to use and distribute, all intellectual property at Shakr.com is the property of Shakr Media Co., Ltd. and/or its partners and service providers. You agree not to upload content to Shakr to which you do not have full rights to use and distribute.

3 – Payment

It’s free to use Shakr to produce watermarked videos. You may do so on the “Shakr Basic” plan.

Customers are billed every 30/31 days if you sign up for a monthly paid plan, or every 365 days if you sign up for a yearly paid plan. We do not provide refunds for any payments that have already been made. However, customers may cancel their subscription at anytime with no penalties, preventing future charges. Likewise, we reserve the right to change our pricing in the future, with the condition that we provide you with 3 months advance notice.

When you sign up for a monthly, quarterly or yearly paid Shakr plan, you get full access to the Shakr service/platform and all its functionalities depending on your plan (including the “video credits”). If you choose to cancel your account we reserve the right to remove those features from your account, after the end of your billing cycle has passed (e.g if you're subscription is set to renew the 28th and you decide to cancel your plan the 23rd, you may still use all the features and video credits associated with your account until the 28th). That being said, the videos that you have made and “purchased” with video credits are and will always be yours. We will never re-add a watermark to a video that you’ve made.

4 – Personal Information

We define your personal information as your identity, your payment details, and the content you submit to Shakr to produce videos, specifically text, photos and video clips.

Shakr will use your personal information to provide our video creation service to you. This includes storing processing your personal information on our servers. This also includes checking video files produced by you for quality using both automated (computer process) or manual (human process) methods.

We rely on a global network of servers. By using Shakr.com, you agree to allow your data to be stored on our servers around the world.

Shakr is committed to maintaining good practices to safeguard your personal information. But the reality is even the world’s largest and wealthiest governments and corporations are susceptible to loss of data through theft, negligence or sheer bad luck. We promise to be careful with your data – but please be aware that the risk of storing any of your personal information online can never be fully mitigated by anyone.

5 – Commercial Use

Please feel free to share the videos you produce at Shakr.com for personal or commercial use. The full license details are available on the video design information page of each video design, but we aim to make every video design on Shakr.com available for commercial use. Should you receive any copyright claims for content that you have not supplied yourself (such as audio tracks included in the video designs) you can be sure that we will help you solve the situation. Usually it’s enough to contest the copyright claim by linking to the video design in question to prove that you have the right license. It is your responsibility to double check your local laws and regulations. Thank you!

6 – Third-party Services

There are various third-party services that are part of your experience at Shakr.com. By using Shakr.com, you agree to the terms of these additional third-party services. We use these third-party services to enhance your experience of Shakr.

7 – Limited Warranty

Shakr Media provides a limited warranty to you. Videos produced by you at Shakr shall be free of defects. If you discover a defect with a video produced by you at Shakr, Shakr will provide you with a free replacement. Defects do not include typos in text provided by you, but they do include typos in text provided by us. Defects also do not include problems with photos or video clips provided by you, but they do include problems with other photos or video sequences, i.e. those originally provided by Shakr. We also consider problems related to video rendering as defects covered under this limited warranty. We want to help. If you have a warranty claim, please contact us by email at panda@sha.kr.

8 – Limited Liability (Mumbo Jumbo Part 1)

Except as set forth in the Limited Warranty section above, you agree that Shakr’s entire liability to you shall not exceed the total sum you have paid to Shakr within the past 365 days. If you have not paid any fees to Shakr within the past 365 days, Shakr’s entire liability to you shall not exceed $1.

9 – Governing Laws and Notice (Mumbo Jumbo Part 2)

The laws of the state of Delaware govern this agreement.

Notices from Shakr Media to you will be sent to the e-mail address you signed up with, or associated to your Facebook account if you signed up through Facebook Connect.

This document was last updated on January 27, 2016.